Decorating Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is probably the most popular holiday party game for this special day. Program this craft activity to entertain children and adults at your Easter party. Painted Easter eggs can also be used for planning a holiday party game, such as hiding them and letting children find them. You can also use Easter eggs to add to your Easter decoration. Set a beautiful table with our delicate floral paper goods and other Easter party supplies, and give the final touch to your table with home-decorated, colorful Easter eggs.

Below we provide a great party idea with Easter eggs: color eggs with edible colorings and offer them as the main course for your Easter dinner!

You will need:

White shelled eggs
Home made colorings (preferably turmeric, uncooked beets, or the liquid squeezed from cooked spinach)
a boiling pan

Add home made coloring to the water when boiling eggs. Use a small pan to boil the eggs. Boil at most four eggs at a time for a better result. Otherwise the color will not be concentrated enough to tint the eggs. Allow them to be cooled.

Use a pastry bag filled with white cream to design the shell-tops. Just squeeze out to put some small drops of beads on the portion of the eggs facing up.

Serve decorated Easter eggs in a basket for a festive-looking Easter dinner. You may serve bowls of mayonnaise and pesto so that everyone can shell their own eggs and coat them with mayonnaise.

Look through our special sections on Easter recipes and Easter candies for more ideas on party food to offer to your guests.