Easter Basket

We offer a variety of Easter baskets full of goods. The Easter basket below contains a plush Easter bunny, Easter candies and craft supplies. Take this complete Easter basket to the hosts of a party you have been invited to for this holiday or give it out as a prize of a holiday party game you have organized to keep everyone entertained at your Easter party.

A basket full of Easter toys and Easter candies is a great party supply to have at your Easter party. The craft supplies and party toys found inside can provide you with party ideas for planning party activities. You can also fill bowls or smaller baskets with the Easter candies that come with this useful party supply and offer them to your guests.


Baxter the Bunny!



How about giving an Easter bunny full of party toys instead? This is a great party idea for an alternative prize to give to the winner of a child party game. Or you can surprise your children with this 4 foot Easter bunny that carries a basket filled with Easter toys. If you want you can also distribute the Easter toys that Baxter bunny brings among the children in your party, or fill your Easter pinata with the smaller toys that this festive bunny carries.