Easter Games

Find below some Easter games to play at your Easter party. Let everyone join the fun!

Egg Rolling
Find a hill and have every child pick a colored egg to roll down the hill. Look through our Easter toys for Easter eggs you can use for this holiday party game. The first egg that reaches the base of the hill first is the winner. Select a prize for the winner from our variety of Easter toys.

Egg Bowling
Color some boiled eggs and leave one white. Click on the following link for directions on how to color Easter eggs with home-made colorings. Have each child choose an egg on a different color. Players then have to roll the white egg into the center of a room and take turns to see who can roll their egg closest to the white egg.

Egg and Spoon Races
Children must carry an egg on a spoon that they will be holding with their teeth. Then they must race to the finish line. Include relays and obstacle courses to organize some other Easter games for your party.

Knock ‘ems
You will need boiled eggs for this holiday party game, otherwise it can become a mess! You can color eggs with edible colorings for children to pick one in their favorite color. Visit our Easter eggs decorating section for directions on coloring eggs.

Each child has to tap the egg they choose on a partner’s egg. The first egg to crack loses and the winner goes on to challenge other winners in a knock out competition until there is one egg left. Coloring Easter eggs for this holiday party game with edible colorings is a useful party idea: let children eat them once they’re out of the game!

You can also entertain your guests with one of our Easter pinatas. Click on the following link for more party ideas on party activities to organize for your party.